Public Laws

124th Legislature

First Regular Session

Parts: A B C D E F

Chapter 317

H.P. 633 - L.D. 915


Sec. F-1. 29-A MRSA 2054, sub-1, B, as amended by PL 2007, c. 348, 18, is further amended to read:

B."Authorized emergency vehicle" means any one of the following vehicles:

(1) An ambulance;

(2) A Baxter State Park Authority vehicle operated by a Baxter State Park ranger;

(3) A Bureau of Marine Patrol vehicle operated by a coastal warden;

(4) A Department of Conservation vehicle operated by a forest ranger;

(5) A Department of Conservation vehicle used for forest fire control;

(6) A Department of Corrections vehicle used for responding to the escape of or performing the high-security transfer of a prisoner, juvenile client or juvenile detainee;

(7) A Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife vehicle operated by a warden;

(8) A Department of Public Safety vehicle operated by a capital security police officer appointed pursuant to Title 25, section 2908, a state fire investigator or a Maine Drug Enforcement Agency officer;

(9) An emergency medical service vehicle;

(10) A fire department vehicle;

(11) A hazardous material response vehicle, including a vehicle designed to respond to a weapon of mass destruction;

(12) A railroad police vehicle;

(13) A sheriff's department vehicle;

(14) A State Police or municipal police department vehicle;

(15) A vehicle operated by a chief of police, a sheriff or a deputy sheriff when authorized by the sheriff;

(16) A vehicle operated by a municipal fire inspector, a municipal fire chief, an assistant or deputy chief or a town forest fire warden;

(17) A vehicle operated by a qualified deputy sheriff or other qualified individual to perform court security-related functions and services as authorized by the State Court Administrator pursuant to Title 4, section 17, subsection 15;

(18) A Federal Government vehicle operated by a federal law enforcement officer;

(19) A vehicle operated by a municipal rescue chief, deputy chief or assistant chief;

(20) An Office of the Attorney General vehicle operated by a detective appointed pursuant to Title 5, section 202; and

(21) A Department of the Secretary of State vehicle operated by a motor vehicle investigator.

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