Private & Special Laws

124th Legislature

First Regular Session

Chapter 26

H.P. 1050 - L.D. 1494

An Act To Amend the Charter of the Limestone Water and Sewer District

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. P&SL 1957, c. 59, §8-A, sub-§§1 and 2,  as enacted by P&SL 2009, c. 5, §1, is amended to read:

1. Composition of wastewater facility board. The wastewater facility board consists of the 3 members of the board of trustees and 2 appointed members. One appointed member must be appointed by the trustees of the Loring Development Authority of Maine, and one appointed member must be a member of the Limestone Board of Selectpeople appointed by the selectpeople. The 2 appointed members serve without compensation and serve at the pleasure of their appointing entities and may be removed without cause by their appointing entities at any time. An appointed member who serves on the wastewater facility board is not eligible to serve as an officer of the elected board of trustees.

2. Function of wastewater facility board. Whenever the board of trustees takes up matters concerning the management and oversight of the Greater Limestone Wastewater Treatment Facility, the board of trustees shall sit as the wastewater facility board. At such times, the appointed members of the wastewater facility board are entitled to sit with the board of trustees and to speak and vote on those matters specifically relating to the Greater Limestone Wastewater Treatment Facility , including, but not limited to, . The jurisdiction of the wastewater facility board is limited to the operation and maintenance of that facility, compliance with environmental regulations applicable to that facility, rate changes and changes in the terms and conditions of wastewater service provided by the district to the Loring Development Authority of Maine. All other affairs of the district, including the authority to borrow money, to issue bonds and notes and to appropriate and expend funds remain vested in the board of trustees, duly elected pursuant to section 8.

Sec. 2. P&SL 1957, c. 59, §12, first sentence,  as amended by P&SL 2009, c. 5, §2, is further amended to read:

For accomplishing the purposes of this Act, the district, through its the trustees , who are elected, is authorized to borrow money temporarily in an amount not to exceed $8,000,000, and to issue for the borrowing of money the interest-bearing negotiable notes of the district and for the purpose of refunding the indebtedness so created, of paying any necessary expenses and liabilities incurred under this Act, including the expenses incurred in the creation of the district, in reimbursing the town, in acquiring the properties, privileges and franchises of the Limestone Water and Sewer Company, its successors or assigns, by purchase or otherwise, of securing sources of supply, taking water and land, paying damages, laying pipes, constructing and maintaining and operating a water, sewerage and drainage system, and making extensions, additions and improvements to the same, the district through its the trustees , who are elected, may from time to time issue bonds of the district to an amount necessary in the judgment of the trustees for the issuance of bonds, maturing at one time or in uniform or varying installments with or without call provisions and at or without any premium.

Effective September 12, 2009

Office of the Revisor of Statutes
State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333