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First Regular Session of the 121st

H.P. 810 - L.D. 1107

An Act To Clarify Eligibility in the Maine State Retirement System Life Insurance Program

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

     Sec. 1. 5 MRSA §18055, sub-§1, as amended by PL 2001, c. 12, §4, is further amended to read:

     1. Availability. Except as provided in subsection 2 or 4, insurance purchased under section 18051 shall must be made available to the following persons:

     Sec. 2. 5 MRSA §18055, sub-§§3 and 4 are enacted to read:

     3. Employment with 2 employers. Except as provided in section 18056, subsection 3, paragraph D and section 18656, subsection 3, paragraph D, a participant to whom coverage is available under subsection 1 or section 18655, subsection 1 may participate through employment with 2 or more employers.

     4. Retirees who return to service. A retiree who is insured pursuant to section 18061, subsection 2 or 18661, subsection 2 and who returns to employment in a position in which the person would be eligible for coverage under subsection 1 is eligible for coverage under subsection 1 only if that person pays the cost of the coverage. This limitation applies regardless of whether similarly employed persons who are not retirees would be required to pay the cost. The board shall establish a method by which such persons may pay the costs of insurance coverage elected under this subsection, which may include basic and supplemental insurance.

Effective September 13, 2003, unless otherwise indicated.

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