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First Regular Session of the 120th


     Sec. PPPP-1. 3 MRSA §168-A is enacted to read:

§168-A. Legislative Youth Advisory Council

     There is established the Legislative Youth Advisory Council, referred to in this section as the "council."

     1. Duties. The council shall perform the following duties:

     2. Jurisdiction. The council shall examine issues of importance to youth, including, but not limited to, education, employment, strategies to increase youth participation in municipal government and State Government, safe environments for youth, substance abuse, emotional and physical health, foster care, poverty, homelessness and youth access to services on municipal and statewide bases.

     3. Membership. The council consists of 21 voting members and 5 nonvoting members who are Maine residents in accordance with this subsection. In appointing members, the appointing authorities shall consider geographic distribution and shall appoint at least one member from each of the 3 service regions of the Department of Human Services. Members shall serve for terms of 2 years and, if eligible, may be reappointed for subsequent 2-year terms, except that the appointing authorities shall appoint 1/2 of the members first appointed to the council to terms of one year.

     4. Chairs. At the first meeting of each calendar year, the members shall elect one of their youth members to serve as cochair for a term of one year. The member of the House of Representatives who is the first appointed by the Speaker shall serve as cochair.

     5. Cooperation with Department of Education. The council shall work cooperatively with the Department of Education on the integration of council experience into the learning results standards in student service and career preparation.

     6. Priorities. The council shall set priorities and shall determine the function of subcommittees, standards of conduct, process, procedures and the use of technology to convene meetings. Council members shall review and consider the procedures and rules used by the Legislature as they may be appropriate for use as models for the council.

     7. Communication. The council may provide testimony on legislation pending before the Legislature.

     8. Compensation. Members of the council who are Legislators are entitled to the legislative per diem and to reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in order to serve on the council as provided in Title 5, section 12004-I, subsection 54-C. All other members who are not otherwise reimbursed for their service on the council are entitled to compensation for reasonable expenses incurred in order to serve on the council as provided in Title 5, section 12004-I, subsection 54-C.

     9. Freedom of access. Meetings of the council are public meetings and all records of the council are public records as defined by Title 1, section 402, subsection 3.

     10. Staff. The Office of Policy and Legal Analysis and the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service shall provide staff assistance to the council.

     Sec. PPPP-2. 5 MRSA §12004-I, sub-§54-C is enacted to read:

54-C. Legislature

Legislative Youth Advisory Council

Legislative Per Diem and Expenses for Legislators and Expenses Only for Certain Members

3 MRSA §168-A

     Sec. PPPP-3. Appropriation. The following funds are appropriated from the General Fund to carry out the purposes of this Part.



Provides funds for the per diem and expenses of legislative members and other eligible members of the Legislative Youth Advisory Council, to hold public hearings, to hold an annual seminar and for printing and miscellaneous costs.

LEGISLATURE ____________
TOTAL $47,860

     Sec. PPPP-4. Effective date. This Part takes effect July 1, 2002.

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