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First Regular Session of the 120th

H.P. 385 - L.D. 487

An Act to Allow the Agencies of the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation to Revoke Professional and Occupational Licenses

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

     Sec. 1. 10 MRSA §8003, sub-§5, as amended by PL 1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §78 and affected by §80 and amended by c. 687, Pt. C, §7, is further amended to read:

     5. Authority of bureaus, offices, boards or commissions. In addition to authority otherwise conferred, unless expressly precluded by language of denial in its own governing law, each bureau, office, licensing board and commission within or affiliated with the department may take one or more of the following actions, except that this subsection does not apply to the Bureau of Banking.

The jurisdiction to suspend and revoke occupational and professional licenses conferred by this subsection is concurrent with that of the District Court. Civil penalties must be paid to the Treasurer of State.
Any nonconsensual disciplinary action taken under authority of this subsection may be imposed only after a hearing conforming to the requirements of Title 5, chapter 375, subchapter IV, and, except for revocation actions, is subject to judicial review exclusively in the District Superior Court in accordance with Title 5, chapter 375, subchapter VII, substituting the term "District Court" for "Superior Court," notwithstanding any other provision of law.
Any nonconsensual revocation of an occupational or professional license taken under authority of this subsection is subject to, upon appeal within the time frames provided in Title 5, section 11002, subsection 3, de novo judicial review exclusively in District Court. Rules adopted to govern judicial appeals from agency action apply to cases brought under this section.

Effective September 21, 2001, unless otherwise indicated.

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