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Second Regular Session of the 120th

S.P. 673 - L.D. 1876

Resolve, Extending the Authority of the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services to Convey a Portion of the Kennebec Arsenal in Augusta Pursuant to Resolve 1999, Chapter 56

     Sec. 1. Resolve 1999, c. 56, §8, amended. Resolved: That Resolve 1999, c. 56, §8 is amended to read:

     Sec. 8. Sunset provision. Resolved: That this resolve is repealed 3 years from its effective date, except that, with respect to the portion of the Kennebec Arsenal referenced in section 3, subsection 2 of this resolve, this resolve is repealed on June 9, 2005.

Effective July 25, 2002, unless otherwise indicated.

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