Maine Revised Statutes

§652. Applications for license; inspections

The owner, lessee, tenant or occupant of any building or place of assembly required to be licensed under section 651 shall apply to the Commissioner of Public Safety for that license. Upon receipt of the application, the Commissioner of Public Safety or the commissioner's designee shall inspect the building or place of assembly to be used for theatrical or motion picture purposes. If the building complies with all laws and rules, the commissioner shall issue a license to the person desiring to operate the theatrical or motion picture production in that building. The fee for a license is $106. All theatrical or motion picture licenses issued expire one year after date of issue unless sooner revoked. The fees are credited to a special revenue account to defray the expenses of the inspections. Any balance of those fees does not lapse but must be carried forward as a continuing account to be expended for the same purposes in the following fiscal years. [2001, c. 437, §4 (AMD); 2001, c. 437, §8 (AFF).]

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