Maine Revised Statutes

§562. Rules

The Commissioner of Public Safety shall make, amend or rescind, after public hearing, notice of which has been duly advertised in the state paper, reasonable rules to be enforced with respect to the location, erection, construction and maintenance of grandstands, bleachers, stadiums, arenas, fences, safety barriers or other like structures intended primarily to support or protect spectators during any type of motor vehicle racing and with respect to public liability insurance coverage required by section 561. [1997, c. 728, §4 (AMD).]

Rules become effective when reviewed for form and legality by the Office of the Attorney General and approved in writing by the Commissioner of Public Safety and when a certified copy of the rules has been filed with the Secretary of State. [1997, c. 728, §4 (AMD).]

The Commissioner of Public Safety may waive the requirements of any rules to cover any special circumstances or conditions when the commissioner is satisfied that the special circumstances or conditions provide at least the same amount of safety to spectators at motor vehicle races that the rules, the waiver of which is requested, were intended to provide. [1997, c. 728, §4 (AMD).]

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