Maine Revised Statutes

§385. Persons under 18 years; payment of prizes

If the person entitled to a prize on any winning ticket is under 18 years of age, the director or the director's designee may make payment in the amount of the prize to the minor by a check made payable to an adult member of the minor's family or a guardian as custodian of the minor or by an electronic funds transfer to any financial institution to an account in the name of an adult member of the minor's family or guardian as custodian for the minor. The person named as custodian has the same duties and powers as a person designated as a custodian in a manner prescribed by the Maine Uniform Transfers to Minors Act. For purposes of this section, the terms "adult member of the minor's family," "custodian" and "financial institution" have the same meanings as set out in that Act. The director or the director's designee is relieved of all further liability upon payment of a prize to a minor pursuant to this section. [2013, c. 352, §3 (AMD).]

1987, c. 505, §2 (NEW). RR 1993, c. 1, §18 (COR). 2013, c. 352, §3 (AMD).

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