Maine Revised Statutes

§383. Deposit of receipts; reports

The director may require any lottery sales agents to deposit to the credit of the State Lottery Fund in banks designated by the Treasurer of State all money received by the agents from the sale of lottery tickets or shares, less the amount, if any, retained as compensation for the sale of tickets or shares and to file with the director or his designated agents reports of their receipts and transactions in the sale of lottery tickets in such form and containing such information as he may require. The director may make such arrangements for any person, including a bank, to perform the functions, activities or services in connection with the operation of the lottery as he may deem advisable pursuant to this chapter and the rules of the commission and those functions, activities or services shall constitute lawful functions, activities and services of that person. [1987, c. 505, §2 (NEW).]

1987, c. 505, §2 (NEW).