Maine Revised Statutes

§270. Licenses

Any person, association or corporation licensed to conduct pari-mutuel betting desiring to hold a harness horse race or meet for public exhibition if pari-mutuel betting is permitted shall apply to the commission for a license to do so. The application must be signed and sworn to by the person or executive officer of the association or corporation and must contain the following information: [2003, c. 401, §6 (AMD).]

1. Name and address.  The full name and address of the person, association or corporation;
2. If an association.  If an association, the names and residences of the members of the association;
3. If a corporation.  If a corporation, the name of the state under which it is incorporated with its principal place of business and the names and addresses of its directors and stockholders;
4. Location to conduct races.  The exact location where it is desired to conduct or hold races or race meets;
4-A. Requested dates.  The dates and time of day or night on which it is desired to conduct or hold races or race meets;
[ 1985, c. 444, §1 (NEW) .]
5. If racing plant owned or leased.  Whether or not the racing plant is owned or leased, and if leased, the name and residence of the fee owner, or if a corporation, of the directors and stockholders thereof;
6. Assets and liabilities.  A statement of the assets and liabilities of the person, association or corporation making such application;
7. Other information.  Such other information as the commission may require.
1985, c. 444, §1 (AMD). 2001, c. 567, §2 (AMD). 2003, c. 401, §6 (AMD).