Maine Revised Statutes

§264. Employees

The department may employ such personnel as it considers necessary to provide adequate oversight and enforcement and to carry out the purposes of this chapter, subject to the Civil Service Law. The department may fix the compensation of the employees on a per diem basis, subject to the Civil Service Law. [1997, c. 735, §1 (RPR).]

Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, all officials whose presence is regularly required at a race meet must be licensed by the commission. The commission shall adopt rules providing for standards for the licensure and conduct of presiding and associate judges. For purposes of the Maine Tort Claims Act, the presiding judge and associate judges licensed pursuant to this section are deemed to be employees of the State, as those terms are defined in Title 14, section 8102, subsections 1 and 4. [2017, c. 231, §4 (AMD).]

When a presiding judge or an associate judge is required to attend an appeal hearing under section 263-A before the commission, the judge is entitled to mileage reimbursement consistent with Title 5, section 8 and a per diem of $100 per day. To receive compensation for appearance at an appeal hearing, a presiding judge or associate judge must submit an expense voucher consistent with Title 5, section 12002-C. [2017, c. 231, §4 (NEW).]

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