Maine Revised Statutes

§228. Application of provisions

1. Firecrackers and pyrotechnical ship or railway signals.  Firecrackers and pyrotechnical ship or railway signals are included and classed as fireworks, but sections 222, 224 and 225 do not apply to the storage of pyrotechnical ship or railway signals nor to the discharge, firing or exploding of the signals when used for the protection of life and property.
[ 1985, c. 23, §2 (NEW) .]
2. Exceptions.  This chapter does not apply:
A. To any article named in this chapter to be shipped directly out of the State; [1985, c. 23, §2 (NEW).]
B. [1999, c. 671, §7 (RP).]
C. To the sale of flares, lanterns or fireworks for use by railroads, railways, boats, motor vehicles or other transportation agencies, or other activity lawfully permitted or required to use any or all of the articles named in this chapter for signal purposes, illumination or otherwise; [1985, c. 23, §2 (NEW).]
D. To the sale or use of blank cartridges for signal or ceremonial purposes in athletics or sports; [1999, c. 671, §8 (AMD).]
E. To experiments at a factory for explosives; [1985, c. 23, §2 (NEW).]
F. To the sale of blank cartridges for use by the militia or any organization of war veterans or other organizations authorized by law to parade in public a color guard armed with firearms; [1985, c. 23, §2 (NEW).]
G. In teaching the use of firearms; or [1999, c. 671, §9 (AMD).]
H. To the sale of shells for firearms, cartridges, gunpowder and explosives for the purpose of any legal use of firearms. [1999, c. 671, §9 (AMD).]
I. [1999, c. 671, §10 (RP).]
[ 1999, c. 671, §§7-10 (AMD) .]
1985, c. 23, §2 (NEW). 1999, c. 671, §§7-10 (AMD).