Maine Revised Statutes

§1041. Reports; records

1. Reports; records.  The board or department may require from any licensee whatever records and reports the board considers necessary for the administration and enforcement of this chapter and rules adopted under this chapter.
[ 2003, c. 687, Pt. A, §5 (NEW); 2003, c. 687, Pt. B, §11 (AFF) .]
2. Location.  A slot machine operator or casino operator shall maintain all records required by this chapter or by rules adopted under this chapter at the operator's primary business office within this State or on the premises where the slot machine or table game is operated. A slot machine distributor or table game distributor shall maintain these records at the distributor's primary business office within this State. The primary business office must be designated by the license holder in the license application. All records must be open to inspection and audit by the board or its designee and a license holder may not refuse the board or its designee the right to inspect or audit the records. Refusal to permit inspection or audit of the records constitutes grounds for revocation or suspension of the license or registration.
[ IB 2009, c. 2, §48 (AMD) .]
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