Maine Revised Statutes

§992. Purposes

The purposes of sections 991 to 994 are: [RR 1999, c. 2, §8 (COR).]

1. Correlate marketing.  To enable potato producers of this State, with the aid of the State, more effectively to correlate the marketing of their potatoes with market demands therefor;
2. Uniform grading.  To provide for uniform grading and proper preparation of potatoes for market;
3. Develop markets.  To provide methods and means for the development of new and larger markets for potatoes grown within this State;
4. Orderly marketing.  To establish orderly marketing of potatoes grown within this State;
5. Eliminate economic waste.  To eliminate or reduce economic waste in the marketing of potatoes.
1981, c. 154, §§2,3 (RP). 1981, c. 513, §11 (AMD). RR 1999, c. 2, §8 (COR).