Maine Revised Statutes

§953. False or misleading potato branding or labeling

Notwithstanding section 952, it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, association, organization or corporation to expose for sale or sell at full sale or retail, to ship, deliver or consign, or have in possession potatoes prepared for market in containers which bear any statements, design or device regarding such potatoes which shall be false or misleading, in any particular, or potatoes packed in such manner that the face or shown surface is not an average of the contents of the package, or potatoes that fail to meet the grade requirements established and promulgated by the commissioner or potatoes that are accompanied by a bill of lading false or misleading in any particular. When a violation of this section occurs, it is deemed to have taken place at the point where such violation first became evident to the commissioner or his duly authorized representative. [1981, c. 513, §5 (AMD).]

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