Maine Revised Statutes

§89. Licensees holding pari-mutuel racing meets

In addition to other requirements provided in this chapter, a licensee that holds pari-mutuel racing meets must put on an agricultural fair during one racing meet each year to be eligible to receive a stipend. Exhibits must be kept in an attractive display for a minimum of 3 consecutive days during the meet. The total premium payments for these exhibits must be an amount equal to or greater than the premiums paid for pulling contests at the fair and race meet, and not less than 25% of the premiums paid for harness horse races conducted during the annual fair. [2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW).]

The conducting of pari-mutuel betting by an entity licensed by the State Harness Racing Commission in accordance with Title 8, chapter 11 is not cause for withholding that entity's stipend. [2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW).]

2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW).