Maine Revised Statutes

§743-B. Exemption for biosolids

Sections 743 and 743-A do not apply to packaged biosolids or unpackaged biosolids that are derived primarily from residuals regulated by Title 38, chapter 13 and by rules adopted by the Department of Environmental Protection governing solid waste management matters concerning composting facilities and the agronomic utilization of residuals when those biosolids include a legible and conspicuous disclaimer on their marketing materials and labeling specifically stating: "This product is not a commercial fertilizer, and any nutrient claims are not a guaranteed analysis." If a fertilizer material percentage statement appears on a label or accompanying delivery documentation, except for those products for which delivery documentation is required by Department of Environmental Protection rule, that product must be registered as a fertilizer. [2013, c. 204, §5 (NEW).]

2013, c. 204, §5 (NEW).