Maine Revised Statutes

§634. Grades; advertising

The net weight and size requirements for Maine consumer grades for shell eggs shall be established by the commissioner. In the establishment of such grades, the commissioner shall consult an advisory committee of 5 appointed by him, 3 of whom shall be chosen from a list submitted by the Maine Poultry Improvement Association. [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §49 (AMD).]

All advertising of such eggs shall include the correct size and grade designation in describing the eggs and the correct size and grade designation shall appear in clearly legible letters on the container in which such eggs are offered for sale. Each lot of eggs sold at wholesale shall be accompanied by an invoice stating both size and grade designation.

No signs, flyers, advertisements or false labels shall be used to sell or offer for sale or expose for sale any eggs which do not conform to the standards for quality and size for Maine consumer grades or established by the commissioner, or which do not conform to sections 631 to 639.

1973, c. 48, §4 (AMD). 1979, c. 541, §A49 (AMD).