Maine Revised Statutes

§606. Prohibited acts

1. Unlawful distribution.  A person may not distribute in the State any of the following:
A. A pesticide that has not been registered pursuant to the provisions of this subchapter; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
B. A pesticide if any of the claims made for it or any of the directions for its use or other labeling differs from the representations made in connection with its registration, or if the composition of a pesticide differs from its composition as represented in connection with its registration; a change in the labeling or formulation of a pesticide may be made within a registration period without requiring reregistration of the product if the registration is amended to reflect that change and if that change will not violate any provision of FIFRA or this subchapter; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
C. A pesticide unless it is in the registrant's or the manufacturer's unbroken immediate container and there is affixed to the container, and to the outside container or wrapper of the retail package, if there is one, through which the required information on the immediate container cannot be clearly read, a label bearing the information required in this subchapter and rules adopted under this subchapter; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
D. A pesticide that has not been colored or discolored pursuant to section 610, subsection 1, paragraph D; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
E. A pesticide that is adulterated or misbranded or any device that is misbranded; or [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
F. A pesticide in containers that are unsafe due to damage. [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
[ 2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD) .]
2. Unlawful alteration, misuse, divulging of formulas, transportation, disposal and noncompliance.  A person may not:
A. Detach, alter, deface or destroy, wholly or in part, any label or labeling provided for in this subchapter or rules adopted under this subchapter; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
A-1. Add any substance to or take any substance from a pesticide in a manner that may defeat the purpose of this subchapter or rules adopted under this subchapter; [2005, c. 620, §5 (NEW).]
B. Use or cause to be used any pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling or with rules of the board, if those rules further restrict the uses provided on the labeling; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
C. Use for that person's own advantage or reveal, other than to the board or proper officials or employees of the state or federal executive agencies, to the courts of this State or of the United States in response to a subpoena, to physicians, or in emergencies to pharmacists and other qualified persons for use in the preparation of antidotes, any information relative to formulas of products acquired by authority of section 607 or any information judged by the board to contain or relate to trade secrets or commercial or financial information obtained by authority of this subchapter and marked as privileged or confidential by the registrant; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
D. Handle, transport, store, display or distribute pesticides in such a manner as to endanger human beings or their environment or to endanger food, feed or any other products that may be transported, stored, displayed or distributed with such pesticides; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
E. Dispose of, discard or store any pesticides or pesticide containers in such a manner as may cause injury to humans, vegetation, crops, livestock, wildlife or beneficial insects or pollute any water supply or waterway; [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
F. Refuse or otherwise fail to comply with the provisions of this subchapter, the rules adopted under this subchapter, or any lawful order of the board; or [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
G. Apply pesticides in a manner inconsistent with rules for pesticide application adopted by the board. [2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD).]
[ 2005, c. 620, §5 (AMD) .]
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