Maine Revised Statutes

§539. Sale, exchange or transport of "controlled atmosphere" apples

A person may not sell or exchange or offer or expose for sale or exchange or transport for sale any apples represented as having been exposed to "controlled atmosphere" or "modified atmosphere," alone or with other words, or use any such term or form of words or symbols of similar import on any container or lot of apples advertised, sold, offered for sale or transported for sale within this State unless such apples have been kept in a room or storage building with not more than 5% oxygen for a minimum of 45 days, except that the commissioner, after notice and public hearing, may change the minimum number of days, as conditions in the apple industry may require. [2005, c. 512, §28 (AMD).]

If within a period of 50 consecutive days the oxygen content of a sealed storage room is at 5% or less for a total of 45 days, the room qualifies as a legal controlled atmosphere room. [2005, c. 512, §28 (AMD).]

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