Maine Revised Statutes

§537. Sale and movement of apples

No person, firm or corporation shall within this State sell, distribute, transport, offer or expose for sale, distribution or transportation any apples that do not conform to the apple grades established in section 533. Nothing in this section shall apply to any person, firm or corporation supplying apples consigned to a processing plant for use therein. No provisions of this subchapter shall be construed to prevent a grower or shipper of apples from delivering the same to a packing house for grading or to a processing plant or cold storage plant where apples are stored and prepared for market. Apples which do not meet the established grades or classifications as provided by section 533 may be sold as culls provided the package or container is conspicuously marked with the word "Culls". The commissioner shall diligently enforce this section and in person or by deputy shall have free access, ingress and egress at all reasonable hours to any place or any building wherein apples are stored, transported, sold, offered or exposed for sale or for transportation. He may in person or by deputy upon tendering the market price take samples of apples therefrom.