Maine Revised Statutes

§522. Unfair and deceptive packaging and labeling

It shall be unlawful for any person engaged in the packaging or labeling of any consumer commodity, as defined in section 523, for the distribution in commerce, or for any person other than a common carrier for hire, a contract carrier for hire or a freight forwarder for hire engaged in the distribution in commerce of any packaged or labeled commodity, to distribute or cause to be distributed in commerce any commodity if such commodity is contained in a package, or if there is affixed to that commodity a label, which does not conform to this subchapter and to the regulations promulgated thereunder. [1969, c. 325, (NEW).]

Persons engaged in business as wholesale or retail distributors of consumer commodities shall be exempt from this subchapter except to the extent that such persons are engaged in the packaging and labeling of such commodities or prescribe or specify by any means the manner in which such commodities are packaged or labeled. [1969, c. 325, (NEW).]

1969, c. 325, (NEW).