Maine Revised Statutes

§483. Adulteration

For the purpose of this chapter and chapter 103, unless the term is more specifically defined, "adulterated" means made impure or inferior by adding extraneous ingredients. Goods that are prepared in food establishments that are licensed facilities under Title 22, section 2167 and that contain marijuana for medical use by a qualifying patient, pursuant to Title 22, chapter 558-C, are not considered to be adulterated under this subchapter. [2011, c. 407, Pt. A, §1 (AMD).]

1. Drug. 
[ 2005, c. 512, §18 (RP) .]
2. Meat or meat products.  In case of meat or meat products: If any sodium sulphite, sodium bisulphite or any drug, chemical, chemical compound or preservative from which sulphur dioxide can be liberated has been added thereto or mixed therewith.
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