Maine Revised Statutes

§454. Licensing required

A person may not act as agent, broker, dealer or processor unless duly licensed as provided in this subchapter. Before acting as a dealer, processor, broker or agent, a person shall file an application with the commissioner for a license to transact the business of a dealer, processor, broker or agent and the application must be accompanied by the license fee provided in this subchapter. [2005, c. 512, §13 (AMD).]

A person may not buy, solicit or negotiate the sale of any licensed commodity in this State as a representative of any agent, broker, dealer or processor unless that person has been authorized as a representative by a licensee in writing, and a copy of the authorization is filed with the commissioner, except when the person conducts business in the office of the licensee. A licensee shall notify the commissioner in writing immediately upon terminating the authorization for a person to act as that licensee's representative. [2005, c. 512, §13 (AMD).]

1981, c. 139, (NEW). 2005, c. 512, §13 (AMD).