Maine Revised Statutes

§451. Purpose

The Legislature finds that agricultural production has a substantial and unique effect on the economy and way of life of the entire State. Large numbers of the people in the State are directly or indirectly dependent on agricultural production and related industries. It is of vital importance that producers be assured of payment for their production in order to assure commensurate stability in the productive capacity and economy. To a great extent the well-being of the industry is dependent upon those persons engaged in the buying and marketing of the agricultural commodities grown by others and the manner in which their services are performed. The entire manner of marketing of our agricultural production requires special consideration. [1981, c. 139, (NEW).]

The Legislature intends through this legislation to exercise the police power of the State in order to protect and promote the general welfare of the agricultural producers and the people of the State and maintain and encourage fair and equitable practices in the purchase, handling and sale of agricultural commodities, which will, in turn, have the beneficial effect of improving the economy and well-being of the entire State. [1981, c. 139, (NEW).]

1981, c. 139, (NEW).