Maine Revised Statutes

§441-B. Federal-State Inspection Fund

There is established the Federal-State Inspection Fund, referred to in this section as the "fund." The fund receives all revenues collected by the Federal-State Inspection Service from conducting inspections and inspection-related work including but not limited to inspection fees, fees from state and federal agencies and grants or other funds received by the Federal-State Inspection Service in support of operating a statewide inspection program. All money collected must be deposited in the fund to be used for the management and operation of the Federal-State Inspection Service. Unexpended balances in the fund do not lapse and must be carried forward to be used for the purposes specified in this section. [1997, c. 24, Pt. OO, §1 (NEW).]

Any interest earned on the revenue deposited in the fund only accrues to the fund. [1997, c. 643, Pt. MM, §1 (AMD).]

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