Maine Revised Statutes

§434. Definitions

As used in this subchapter, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings. [1995, c. 658, §1 (NEW).]

1. Agricultural enterprise.  "Agricultural enterprise" means a person or business located in this State and engaged in the commercial growing or harvesting of plants; raising of animals; growing or obtaining plant or animal by-products; aquaculture, as defined in Title 12, section 6001, subsection 1; or further processing, storing, packaging or marketing a raw product derived from plants, animals, plant or animal by-products or aquaculture, as defined in Title 12, section 6001, subsection 1, with the intent that the product be sold or otherwise disposed of to generate income. "Agricultural enterprise" includes a business or activity that attracts visitors to a farm for the purpose of supplementing income from the primary crop or livestock operation. "Agricultural enterprise" does not include a business engaged primarily in the growing, harvesting or further processing of forest species of trees for the purpose of producing pulp or other materials used in the paper manufacturing or wood manufacturing process.
[ 2001, c. 152, §1 (AMD) .]
2. Direct marketing. 
[ 2007, c. 660, §9 (RP) .]
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