Maine Revised Statutes

§403. State of Maine Building at Eastern States Exposition

1. State of Maine Building.  The department shall operate and maintain the State of Maine Building, previously erected upon the Eastern States Agricultural and Industrial Exposition, Inc., at West Springfield, Massachusetts, for the purpose of exhibiting, publicizing and advertising Maine's products and resources in agriculture, industry, fisheries, forests, wildlife and recreation. Except as otherwise provided in this section, the department has complete control and supervision of all exhibits held in these buildings.
[ RR 2009, c. 2, §5 (COR) .]
2. Advice.  From time to time, the department shall consult regarding operation and maintenance of the building with, and for any major exhibition shall prior to the exhibition develop a plan after a public hearing and obtain advice on the proposed use of building space from, the following persons: The Commissioner of Marine Resources; Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; and Commissioner of Economic and Community Development.
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3. Advisory board. 
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