Maine Revised Statutes

§3949. Animal shelter designation

Municipal clerks, annually, on or before April 1st, shall certify to the commissioner the name and location of the animal shelter with which the municipality has entered into a contract to accept stray animals or have an arrangement for an animal shelter that will accept stray animals. Animal shelters designated by the municipality under this section must comply with commissioner rules. [1997, c. 690, §32 (AMD).]

A municipality may contract with an animal shelter licensed under section 3932-A for other animal control services. A municipality may not contract with a shelter for the performance of the duties of an animal control officer as specified in section 3947 unless an employee of that shelter is the appointed animal control officer for that municipality and the duties of an animal control officer are performed by the person so appointed. [2009, c. 177, §2 (NEW).]

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