Maine Revised Statutes

§3914. Purchase and sale of animals

Animal shelters, kennels, breeding kennels, boarding kennels and pet shops engaged in buying or selling animals shall keep records of the buyer and seller in each transaction for a 2-year period commencing at the time of purchase or sale. The records must be open to inspection by the department or law enforcement officers. A person not in possession of a valid license for an animal shelter, kennel, breeding kennel, boarding kennel or pet shop shall obtain a vendor's license under section 4163 prior to selling, offering for sale or exchanging for value a cat or dog. [2007, c. 439, §7 (AMD).]

A wolf hybrid may not be sold or exchanged for value. Ownership of a wolf hybrid may be transferred only in accordance with section 3911-B or section 3921-B, subsection 3. [2011, c. 100, §7 (NEW).]

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