Maine Revised Statutes

§317. Maine Farms for the Future Program

The Maine Farms for the Future Program, referred to in this chapter as the "program," is created. The program is administered by the department, either directly or by contract with a suitable organization. The program provides a selected farm with assistance in developing a detailed business plan that involves changes in the farm's operation to increase the vitality of the farm and investment money to help implement the plan. Participants in the program are eligible to apply for reduced-interest loans from the Agricultural Marketing Loan Fund established under Title 10, section 1023-J and administered under section 435. The department shall organize a review panel, referred to in this chapter as the "panel," to evaluate and approve applications for participation in the program and for investment support. [2007, c. 660, §1 (AMD).]

1999, c. 763, §1 (NEW). 2007, c. 660, §1 (AMD).