Maine Revised Statutes

§2102. Certification and inspection fee

A grower of potato, vegetable, forage crop or grain seeds may make application to the commissioner for inspection and certification of a crop growing or to be grown in this State. The grower shall provide the commissioner with the location and a description of the land on which the crop is grown and any additional information required by the commissioner. The grower shall enter into an agreement to pay inspection and certification fees determined by the commissioner to cover the cost of inspection and certification. Upon entering into an agreement with a grower, the commissioner or an agent of the commissioner shall list that grower's crops to be inspected and shall inspect and certify the crops in accordance with rules adopted pursuant to this chapter. All certification and inspection fees received in accordance with this section must be deposited in the Certified Seed Fund established in section 2107. [2003, c. 578, §5 (RPR).]

1977, c. 694, §131 (AMD). 2003, c. 578, §5 (RPR).