Maine Revised Statutes

§193. County extension associations

For the purpose of carrying out this chapter, there may be created in each county or combination of 2 counties within the State an organization to be known as a "county extension association," and its services available to all residents of a county. Such county extension association shall have adopted a constitution and set of bylaws acceptable to the University of Maine and they shall be recognized as the official body within that county or counties for carrying on extension work in agriculture and natural resources, youth development, and home economics and community life within that county or counties in cooperation with the University of Maine. The county extension is viewed as a unique and important educational program of county government. The county extension association may make such regulations and bylaws for its government and the carrying on of its work as are not inconsistent with that chapter, provided that one such organization shall be formed in each county. [1985, c. 779, §28 (AMD).]

1985, c. 283, §3 (AMD). 1985, c. 779, §28 (AMD).