Maine Revised Statutes

§1755. Quarantine

The commissioner may, upon discovery or upon suspicion of the existence of any disease or pathogen among domestic animals or poultry in the State, take whatever action the commissioner considers necessary to prevent possible spread and to control or eradicate the disease or pathogen. Such action may include quarantine of domestic animals, birds, wild animals in captivity and products derived from them, including the quarantine of articles, materials and premises, equipment or areas, for a time and under conditions as the commissioner considers necessary to eradicate or control the disease or pathogen. This quarantine may not be considered licensing or an adjudicatory proceeding, as defined by the Maine Administrative Procedure Act. [2001, c. 572, §27 (AMD).]

Any positive diagnosis of a disease made by recognized procedures by recognized diagnostic laboratories, or by recognized qualified persons, must be considered as official diagnosis until proved otherwise. [2001, c. 572, §27 (AMD).]

Quarantine may be made by registered mail or in person by an authorized agent of the commissioner, or by any other person authorized to do so.

The commissioner may use placards or any other methods considered necessary to give notice or warning of the quarantine. [2001, c. 572, §27 (AMD).]

It is illegal to violate any quarantine by any person, and such violation is punishable by penalties as outlined in section 1706. [2001, c. 572, §27 (AMD).]

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