Maine Revised Statutes

§1305. Application for license

Application for a license as a dealer or as an agent must be made upon a form prescribed by the commissioner. The commissioner, if satisfied with the applicant's qualifications, shall issue a license entitling the applicant to act as a dealer or as an agent. An initial license may be issued for a period of less than one year or more than one year but not more than 2 years. All licenses expire on July 1st. All license renewals are for a period of one year. The annual license fee for a dealer is $25 and for each agent, $10. The fee for an initial license is prorated based on the number of months for which the license is valid. The commissioner shall issue a certificate of licensure to each licensed dealer and agent. The certificate must be carried in the motor vehicle used by the licensed dealer or agent when acting as a dealer or agent. The commissioner shall issue dealer plates to be attached to each motor vehicle or trailer used by a dealer for transporting livestock or poultry. Upon renewal of a license, the commissioner shall issue stickers bearing the year of licensure to be attached to the dealer plates. [2001, c. 572, §6 (RPR).]

1967, c. 227, §2 (AMD). 2001, c. 572, §6 (RPR).