Maine Revised Statutes

§13. Enforcement

The commissioner shall diligently enforce all provisions of this Title and all other statutes delegating responsibility to him or the department and shall be entitled to and shall receive the assistance of the Attorney General and of the several county attorneys. He may recover the penalties imposed for violations of this Title and Title 32, chapter 27 in a civil action brought in his own name, the venue to be as in other civil actions, and if he prevails in any such action, shall recover full costs, or he may prosecute for violations hereof by complaint or indictment, and such prosecution shall be commenced in the county in which the offense was committed. [1983, c. 308, §§ 4, 14 (AMD).]

For the purposes of chapter 103, subchapter X, notwithstanding the provisions of the District Court Civil Rules, Rule 80E, paragraph (b), the commissioner may obtain an administrative inspection warrant upon demonstrating the statutory or other authority pursuant to which he is authorized to conduct inspections, the premises to be inspected, the purpose of the inspection and that the inspection sought is reasonable and represents a minimal intrusion in furtherance of a legitimate governmental obligation of the department. This demonstration shall be deemed to be a demonstration of probable cause. [1981, c. 513, §1 (NEW).]

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