Maine Revised Statutes

§1090. Findings and purpose

The Legislature finds and declares that the agricultural industry as a whole is of significant economic and social importance to the State of Maine. The Legislature further finds and declares that the agricultural industry is subject to unique financial difficulties. Such difficulties include instability of prices, the general inflexibility of demand for farm products, rising costs to producers, dealers and processors, and the vagaries of nature. [1971, c. 428, (NEW).]

Such financial difficulties have a direct effect on a significant portion of the people of the State who are not directly involved in agricultural activities or industries. [1971, c. 428, (NEW).]

The Legislature further finds and declares that the relationships between agricultural producers and dealers or processors are also unique. The normal labor relationship of employer and employee does not ordinarily apply in the agricultural industry. In view of these facts, the Legislature has determined that it is in the best interests of those engaged in agriculture and agriculturally related industry, and of the people of the entire State to regulate the relationship of producers to dealers and processors by encouraging and facilitating the formation and operation of cooperative agricultural marketing associations. The Legislature in enacting this legislation intends to exercise the police power of the State to benefit the health and welfare of the agricultural industry and the people of the State. [1971, c. 544, §18-A (AMD).]

1971, c. 438, (NEW). 1971, c. 544, §§18-A (AMD).