Maine Revised Statutes

§2. Purpose

It is declared that the purpose of chapters 1 to 17 is to further the public interest by: [1977, c. 678, §2 (AMD).]

1. Revision.  The revision of existing statutes relative to aviation in order to centralize all aeronautical activities in a single state agency authorized to participate in any activity essential to progress in aeronautics;
2. Funds. 
[ 1969, c. 498, §1 (RP) .]
3. Uniformity.  Effecting a uniformity in the regulations pertaining to aeronautical activities by authorizing the adoption of uniform regulations consistent with federal regulations and making noncompliance with federal regulations a violation of the State law, thereby enabling the law enforcement agencies of the State to enforce the laws regulating aeronautical activities;
[ 1971, c. 404, §1 (AMD) .]
4. Safety.  Providing for the protection and promotion of the public interest and safety in connection with aeronautical activities.
[ 1971, c. 404, §1 (AMD) .]
1969, c. 498, §1 (AMD). 1971, c. 404, §1 (AMD). 1977, c. 678, §2 (AMD).