Maine Revised Statutes

§102. Minimum airport standards; airport managers; fire equipment and safety

1. Minimum standards. 
A. Classification of airports by the commissioner.
(1) All airports shall be classified by the commissioner based on the published operating characteristics and limitations of the aircraft to be accommodated. All airports shall meet the appropriate minimum physical design criteria as set forth in the latest State or Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular and Federal Aviation Regulations for the airport's classification.
(2) The commissioner shall establish, maintain and periodically publish the current minimum physical design criteria and the criteria used as this section applies in the classification of "category" airports in the State.
(3) Waivers of any physical requirements may be given by the commissioner if he finds the action to be consistent with safety and public interest. [1977, c. 678, §33 (NEW).]
[ 1977, c. 678, §33 (NEW) .]
2. Airport managers. 
A. All aircarrier and commuter aircarrier airports shall designate a person generally available who has administrative responsibility for operation and management of the airport. All general aviation commercial airports, as defined under chapter 6, shall have at least a part-time airport manager. [2011, c. 610, Pt. A, §2 (AMD).]
B. All airport managers shall perform the following duties.
(1) The airport manager, or his authorized representative, shall be available during all hours of operation. A current telephone number shall be on file with the department.
(2) The manager shall file a notice to airmen with the Federal Aviation Administration designating any changes in airport conditions that may effect safety. A "notice to airmen" file shall be maintained at the airport.
(3) The manager shall display the local traffic pattern, airport traffic safety rules, any noise abatement procedures, and any special orders relating to the airport and its operations at a prominent location on the airport.
(4) The manager shall submit a list of federal aviation registration numbers twice yearly to the department in May and November of all aircraft based at his airport. [1977, c. 678, §33 (NEW).]
C. [2011, c. 610, Pt. A, §3 (RP).]
[ 2011, c. 610, Pt. A, §§2, 3 (AMD) .]
3. Fire equipment and safety. 
A. [1999, c. 131, §14 (RP).]
B. There shall be fire extinguishers of adequate size, type and amounts in locations as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association. [1977, c. 678, §33 (NEW).]
[ 1999, c. 131, §14 (AMD) .]
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