Maine Revised Statutes

§9061. Decisions

Every agency decision made at the conclusion of an adjudicatory proceeding shall be in writing or stated in the record, and shall include findings of fact sufficient to apprise the parties and any interested member of the public of the basis for the decision. A copy of the decision shall be delivered or promptly mailed to each party to the proceeding or his representative of record. Written notice of the party's rights to review or appeal of the decision within the agency or review of the decision by the courts, as the case may be, and of the action required and the time within which such action must be taken in order to exercise the right of review or appeal, shall be given to each party with the decision. [1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).]

The agency shall maintain a record of the vote of each member of the agency with respect to the agency decision. [1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).]

1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).