Maine Revised Statutes

§7053. Intermittent employees

It is the policy of the State to permit all employees of the State to participate to the fullest extent possible in the benefits of the civil service system for classified and unclassified employees. This policy shall be extended to full-time, part-time, intermittent and all other categories of employees. [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]

The Director of Human Resources shall, not later than July 1, 1986, adopt rules to assure the attainment of this policy for intermittent employees. At a minimum, the rules must: [RR 1997, c. 2, §15 (COR).]

1. Define intermittent positions.  Define intermittent positions and must in the definition limit the use of any position to employment for not more than 1040 hours in any consecutive 12-month period;
[ 1995, c. 502, Pt. F, §3 (AMD) .]
2. Eligibility provisions.  Provide that a person who has been employed in an intermittent position for more than 1,040 hours shall:
A. Be eligible to accrue and use vacation and sick leave days at the same rate, pro rata, as full-time state employees; [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
B. Be eligible to receive holiday pay at the same rate, pro rata, at the same rate as full-time state employees, provided that the intermittent employee works on the days before and after the holiday; [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
C. Be eligible to receive an increase in salary to the next step on the same basis as full-time employees, that is, after completing 2,080 hours of work; [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
D. Be considered a classified employee for the purposes of:
(1) Eligible registers;
(2) Classification of positions;
(3) The compensation plan;
(4) Promotion in the classified service;
(5) Provisional, emergency, exceptional and temporary appointments;
(6) Probationary period;
(7) Transfer;
(8) Reinstatement;
(9) Demotion;
(10) Suspension, layoff and dismissal;
(11) Leave of absence and resignation;
(12) Personnel records;
(13) In-service training;
(14) Service ratings; and
(15) Certification of payrolls; [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
E. Be eligible to participate on a pro rata basis in the retirement program for state employees; and [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
F. Be eligible to participate in health and hospitalization insurance programs at rates of participation reduced to reflect the less than full-time status; and [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW).]
[ 1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW) .]
3. Restricted application.  This section shall not apply if provided pursuant to Title 26, chapter 9-B.
[ 1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §38 (NEW) .]
1985, c. 785, §B38 (NEW). 1987, c. 320, (AMD). 1995, c. 502, §F3 (AMD). RR 1997, c. 2, §15 (COR).