Maine Revised Statutes

§18511. Presumption of disability for active firefighters

1. Definition.  For purposes of this section, a person is considered to be an active member of a municipal fire department or of a volunteer fire department or volunteer firefighters' association if the person aids in the extinguishment of fires, whether or not the person has administrative duties or other duties as a member of the department or association.
[ 1985, c. 801, §§ 5, 7 (NEW) .]
2. Presumption.  It is presumed that a member incurred a disability in the line of duty that occurred while in actual performance of duty at some definite time and place and that was not caused by the willful negligence of the member if:
A. The disability is the result of a cardiovascular injury that occurred, or a cardiovascular or pulmonary disease that developed, within 6 months of having participated in firefighting or in a training or drill that involved firefighting; and [2009, c. 322, §10 (AMD).]
B. The member was an active member of a municipal fire department or of a volunteer fire association, as defined in Title 30-A, section 3151, for at least 2 years before the injury or the onset of the disease. [2009, c. 322, §10 (AMD).]
C. [2009, c. 322, §10 (RP).]
[ 2009, c. 322, §10 (AMD) .]
3. Rebuttal.  This presumption is subject to rebuttal in accordance with the Maine Rules of Evidence, Rule 301.
[ 1985, c. 801, §§ 5, 7 (NEW) .]
1985, c. 801, §§5,7 (NEW). 1989, c. 878, §B6 (AMD). 2009, c. 322, §10 (AMD).

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