Maine Revised Statutes

§17902. Application

1. Written application.  In order to receive a benefit under this article, the person must apply in writing to the executive director in the format specified by the executive director.
A. The executive director shall obtain medical consultation on each applicant for disability retirement benefits in accordance with related rules established by the board, which must include provisions indicating when a case must be reviewed by a medical board and when alternative means of medical consultation are acceptable. Rules adopted pursuant to this paragraph are routine technical rules as defined in chapter 375, subchapter 2-A. Whether provided by the medical board or by an alternative means, medical consultation obtained by the executive director must be objective and be provided by a medical provider or medical providers qualified to review the case by specialty or experience and to whom the applicant is not known. [2017, c. 88, §22 (AMD).]
[ 2017, c. 88, §22 (AMD) .]
2. Approval.  The written application must be approved by the executive director.
[ 1985, c. 801, §§5, 7 (NEW) .]
1985, c. 801, §§5,7 (NEW). 1995, c. 643, §5 (AMD). 2017, c. 88, §22 (AMD).