Maine Revised Statutes

§17439. Information for administrative or judicial proceedings

If information regarding the investment trust fund is required from the system or the trustees of the investment trust fund for an administrative or judicial proceeding, the party seeking the information must file a written request for that information with the Executive Director of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System. The Executive Director or the executive director's designee shall make a certified response to that request within 30 days and the certified response is admissible as evidence in any administrative or judicial proceeding. A subpoena or other form of discovery directed at obtaining the information may not be issued nor may employees of the system be required to testify on the subjects covered by the certified response unless there is an express finding by an administrative agency or a court that there is a compelling necessity to permit further discovery or to require testimony. The Executive Director shall notify the trustees of the Irrevocable Trust Fund for Other Post-employment Benefits established in section 286-B, subsection 2 immediately of any request for information, subpoena or other form of discovery. [2007, c. 58, §3 (REV); 2007, c. 240, Pt. RRR, §2 (NEW).]

2007, c. 58, §3 (REV). 2007, c. 240, Pt. RRR, §2 (NEW).