Maine Revised Statutes

§1667. Work program and allotments

Not later than June 1st of each year, the Governor shall require the head of each department and agency of the State Government to submit to the Bureau of the Budget a work program for the ensuing fiscal year. Such work program shall include all appropriations, revenues, transfers and other funds, made available to said department or agency for its operation and maintenance and for the acquisition of property, and it shall show the requested allotments of said sums by quarters for the entire fiscal year, classified to show allotments requested for specific amounts for personal services, capital expenditures and amounts for all other departmental expenses. The Department of Health and Human Services shall further break down its budget to include institutional food expenditures. Funds not expended for this budget item may not be transferred between line categories. The Governor, with the assistance of the State Budget Officer, shall review the requested allotments with respect to the work program of each department or agency and shall, if the Governor determines it necessary, revise, alter or change such allotments before approving the same. The Governor may authorize the State Budget Officer to approve quarterly allotments not to exceed $45,000 in any account. The aggregate of such allotments may not exceed the total sums made available to said department or agency for the fiscal year in question. The State Budget Officer shall transmit a copy of the allotments as approved by the Governor to the head of the department or agency concerned and also a copy to the State Controller. The State Controller shall thereupon authorize all expenditures to be made from the sums available on the basis of such allotments and not otherwise. [2001, c. 213, §1 (AMD); 2001, c. 354, §3 (AMD); 2003, c. 689, Pt. B, §6 (REV).]

The head of any department or agency of the State Government, whenever he shall deem it necessary by reason of changed conditions, may revise the work program of his department or agency at the beginning of any quarter during the fiscal year, and submit such revised program to the Bureau of the Budget with his request for a revision of the allotments of the remaining quarters of that fiscal year. If, upon such re-examination of the work program, the State Budget Officer, with the approval of the Governor, shall decide to grant the request for the revision of the allotments, the same procedure, so far as it relates to review, approval and control shall be followed as in the making of the original allotments. [1975, c. 771, §76 (AMD).]

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