Maine Revised Statutes

§13100. Small Business and Entrepreneurship

The commissioner shall create within existing budgeted resources the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and appoint a director to operate the office. [2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).]

1. Director.  The director reports to the commissioner. The director is responsible for advocacy, policies and programs that stimulate investment and growth in small business and entrepreneurship. The director is the liaison to the public for gubernatorial initiatives on small business and entrepreneurship.
[ 2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW) .]
2. Duties.  The director shall:
A. Advocate for small business and entrepreneurship throughout all levels of State Government; [2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).]
B. Assist in the oversight and auditing of the State's investments in small business and entrepreneurship initiatives, programs and service providers; [2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).]
C. Chair the Maine Entrepreneurship Working Group, which shall act as the advisory group to the Maine Small Business and Entrepreneurship Commission and subsequently the department; [2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).]
D. Prepare a biennial state of small business and entrepreneurship report to the Legislature; and [2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).]
E. Oversee the Business Answers program, the Maine Products Marketing Program and other department programs and initiatives relevant to small business and entrepreneurship. [2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).]
[ 2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW) .]
2005, c. 458, §2 (NEW).