Maine Revised Statutes

§13052. Purpose

The Legislature finds that the decentralization of economic growth and development programs among several state agencies without any coordination of programs and agencies and without coordination with the State's municipal and regional economic efforts is not in the best interest of the State. The Legislature further finds that the State's economic development programs and policies and the economies of municipalities and regions mutually affect each other. [1987, c. 534, Pt. A, §§17, 19 (NEW).]

For state economic growth and development policies and programs to realize the greatest possible degree of effectiveness, it is necessary to coordinate these policies and programs on the state level, as well as with local and regional levels. It is necessary to formulate and implement economic development policies and programs that are consistent with an economic development strategy for the State. [1987, c. 534, Pt. A, §§17, 19 (NEW).]

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