Maine Revised Statutes

§11113. Committee review

The executive director shall, upon receipt of an application for review, determine the appropriate joint standing committee of the Legislature responsible for review of the rule in question and send the application and a copy of the rule in question to each member of the committee. Each member of the committee shall individually review the application to determine whether the applicant is qualified and whether the public interest would be served by a review of the rule in question by the full committee. If a committee member decides that the review should be made, he shall notify the director within 15 days after notice was sent. If 1/3 or more of the full committee notify the director that a review of the rule should be made, the director shall advise the chairman of the committee, who shall schedule a meeting of the committee to review the rule. If the committee votes not to review the rule, a report to that effect shall be prepared by the director and sent to the applicant and the Legislative Council. [1985, c. 737, Pt. B, §16 (AMD).]

The applicant and the affected agency shall be notified of a decision to review the rule and shall be permitted to make expanded statements of their position to the full committee. The committee, in the course of its review, may hold a public hearing, request and obtain opinions of the Attorney General, obtain information from the agency and conduct further investigation approved by the Legislative Council. The committee shall make its determination and report within 90 days of the first notification to the committee chairmen that a review shall be made. [1981, c. 524, §15 (NEW).]

1981, c. 524, §15 (NEW). 1985, c. 737, §B16 (AMD).