Maine Revised Statutes

§9. Power to prescribe rules in criminal cases

The Supreme Judicial Court shall have the power and authority to prescribe, repeal, add to, amend or modify rules of pleading, practice and procedure with respect to any and all proceedings through final judgment, review and post-conviction remedy in criminal cases before justices of the peace, District Courts, Superior Courts and the Supreme Judicial Court. [1987, c. 736, §1 (AMD).]

Such rules shall take effect on such date not less than 6 months after their promulgation as the Supreme Judicial Court may set. After their promulgation the Supreme Judicial Court may repeal, amend, modify or add to such rules from time to time without a waiting period. After the effective date of said rules as promulgated or amended, all laws in conflict therewith shall be of no further force or effect.

1987, c. 736, §1 (AMD).